Welcome to Zer0gaming, we invite you to read our comprehensive introduction guide to online casinos and zero gaming – meaning playing for free while still winning money.

Try out every casino you want
The first thing we recommend that you do is use a casino feature known as “playmoney” to try any and all casino games you’re interested in. You don’t have to register to use playmoney and there are no obligations from your side or theirs. With playmoney you can’t win real money, but it gives you an excellent opportunity to analyze the casino, give their games a try to find your favorites and even build strategies and check the odds while being hands on. Almost all games at your online casino are offered with playmoney, exceptions are multiplayer games, live games and probably most of the progressive jackpots. Read more about casinos at http://www.onlinecasinoadmin.com you won´t regret it!

Deposit bonuses at Casinos
Every casino has a deposit bonus for new members and reload bonuses for returning members, they exist for casinos to give players more incentive to choose them. For you however it’s just another opportunity, casinos will want to offer you the best possible bonus and compete over you as their customer. An example of a deposit bonus is that you may receive 100% up to $200, if you deposit $200 you have a total of $400 to play for. You can use your bonus money in any casino game you want (unless otherwise specified) but before you can cash them out they have a turnover requirement. Turnover requirement means that you need to play for your bonus money in their casinos up to a certain value before they can be cashed out.

Free play for 60 minutes
Many online casinos present you with a very alluring offer, play as much as you like for an hour with for example $500. These offers don’t even have a deposit requirement, which means all you need to do is sign up and start the bonus. Usually the casino lets you keep a certain amount of money above the original casino bonus, but even should you lose all the money you don’t have to pay them back. For the entire hour you can play almost any games you like and as much or as little as you prefer, so if you want to stop after a winning streak – there’s no requirement to continue to gamble nonstop for the full hour. If you end up with $800 after your free play is complete, you will get to keep any sum usually over the original bonus – so in this case you get to keep $300.

Always free spins available somewhere
All casinos everywhere at some point offer free spins to current and new customers where they usually take an under promoted or over promoted videoslot and let all their customers play it for free. The free spins wages are set and can’t be altered until all your free spins are completed, however you get to keep your winnings for yourself. The winnings are usually low, but can quickly grow and become a rather large sum with just some luck involved. And in the end, nothing wagered by you, nothing to be lost, all to be gained.