Fall is soon to come upon us all and with fall that also means the Gala Bingo £1 Million Bingo giveaway to their players. This is something all of the Gala Bingo players look forward to every single year. This event shall run throughout all of October and gives players one thousand different opportunities to win one thousand Euro’s each dive during October. The event runs through 10am to 10pm every single day of the Month of October.

The main daily action shall take place within the Amazon and Metropolis rooms during 10am to 5pm. This is where the one line winners shall receive big wins such as one hundred Euro’s, two hundred Euro’s or even the maximum one thousand Euro’s. These are the most commonly played rooms throughout the Event.

Tickets are available to the players for just fifty pounds. You can jump into as many pre-buy ins as possible within seven days of the event. This is not just the only amazing thing that Gala Bingo has to offer. Gala Bingo provides their players with over six hundred jackpots every single day of the year and who knows you might just be that next big winner.