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Net Entertainment recently receives the notice that they have been ranked amongst the top employers in Sweden for 2012 placing 22nd out of 100 companies.

The survey’s results have shown that it is the employees who decide on which companies that ranked in the list. The survey embodied more than 15,000 people who work with the top 100 companies and based its ranking on total satisfaction, loyalty, company identity and more. The survey was concluded during the summer of 2012.

Respondents did so by choice and saw over 100 people who work for Net Entertainment fill out the survey. The overall satisfaction from those employees was high and it testament to Net Entertainment and the manner to which they manage their employees and business. Net Entertainment are leaders in the online gaming industry with more than 280 games under their portfolio and hundreds of licensees who license their software.



Microgaming, one of the founders of the eCOGRA program, released news that is has passed full certification within the program and is compliant with the terms and regulations that govern the eCOGRA seal of approval. Microgaming also was approved for eGAP as software providers for Bingo, Poker and Casino.

Twenty Twelve saw 100 eCOGRA reviews for compliance performed against eGAP terms by various betting associations. This program is designed to set a professional environment for those working within the egaming business and helps towards giving the industry a higher level of credibility with governments and the general public. The enforcing of the regulations has seen a positive impact within the egaming industry. The introduction of those same rules has allowed the flushing of dishonest operators as well.

Microgaming has stated that it is incredibly proud of this achievement and being part of the industry as a whole. It continues to work towards adapting new rules and regulations for the industry as it progresses and new markets emerge.

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