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The State of Illinois signed an agreement in recent months to have Northstar Lottery Group to deliver their bingo games. Illinois expected to see much better results than they have been seen to date. It was hoped that revenue profits would increase general lottery profits to $947.2 million.

The current revenue is sitting at $793.2 million which is a significant difference. The Illinois lottery is of the opinion that with the correct strategy that this number is easily obtainable. This is due to the previous year seeing increased sales as more people in the state began to play based on promotional tactics taken by the state.

Illinois lottery officials believe that they are on the right course of action and are hoping that the projected numbers will be reached and the Northstar will not face thee  fines  that are attached to the agreement should target not  be met. Northstar has been in a fight against the state over penalties that are worth $20 million.

The lack luster performance by Northstar only adds arguments to Governor Christies plans to see the state lottery be privatised via Northstar.


Ireland is set to impose a new 1% tax against all forms of online betting in the country in a measure to generate new revenue streams. The hope is that the new tax will generate as much as €18 million in revenue prior the end of the 2013 calendar year.

The new tax law will require approval by cabinet that will then be required to forward it for approval to the E.U commission. Should the E.U approval this new tax it then gets forwarded to parliament where a vote would take place and if passed become law.

It is hopeful by those in the horse industry that some of the collected tax monies will be used to assist the regulatory body and provide grants during a five year period. Those in the industry are not at all keen on seeing this new tax approved and will certainly be campaigning to not have it approved as it is believed that it will cost those companies a substantial amount of needed operational capital. Paddy Power is reporting that such a tax would result is a cost of €6 million per year.



One of the biggest internet software developers within the industry is World Match and they just announced their latest video slot game which is more directed towards the CSI style game, this slot game is called Crime Records.

Crime Records is more than a visually impressive slot game. It provides the players with next generation graphics that cannot be beat, the sound performance is of the highest quality and the gameplay is extremely fun. You will notice that this five reel slot game comes with a wild symbol, free spins bonus, spins stop, auto pay features and fast play features as well. Towards the theme you will see a variety of crimes that you will have to solve, making the theme very realistic.

Crime Records was designed specifically for the players who have unique tastes in the type of video slot game they player. There is actually several different versions of Crime Records so that is may appeal to every single type of player within the industry. The game is available now and you should start playing it today.


It has been a year since American players from the original Full Tilt and Pokerstars saw the U.S Government freeze funds that were owed to them. PokerStars stated every dime that they won would be given to them. The money has still yet to be refunded to the players and it seems repayment is a long ways away.

The Administrator who makes these claims for the US Government has claimed that the feds are still in the process of trying to figure out a way to make all the proper payments with no issues along the way. This can take a very long time because there are so many players who didn’t get their winnings from PokerStars/Full Tilt Poker.

Those who are in a hurry to receive their money shouldn’t get excited any time soon. The estimated time that it will take to give players all of their money back won’t start until 2014 or 2015.

Just like we always have we will continue to provide you with any updates that have to deal with the PokerStars/Full Tilt Poker fiasco that it is having with the US Government right now.

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