A State Representative in Mississippi, Boby Moak, has stated that he will once again submit a bill to the state legislative that will pertain to the legalization of internet betting within the state of Mississippi. This will be the forth bill to be submitted with three previous attempts all failing.

Moak is a firm believer that the revenue generated from the taxation of internet gambling within the state would help land based gambling operation that are seeing a loss of business in Mississippi. Moak is quoted as saying “The reality of online gaming is upon us and it is to our benefit to tap into the revenue that would be generated as a result”

At one point the state of Mississippi was the third largest state with gambling revenues. They have since lost this position to states such as St. Louis, Detroit and Chicago. Whether this new bill will get approved is anybody’s guess but considering the track history it is doubtful that senators in the state will be able to understand the benefits. There seems to be a backward mentality that is firmly seated in the state.