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The Gala Coral Group, an online betting firm announced that they have had a strong growth in revenue even though their main form of gambling sports betting hasn’t brought in as much money this year. Gala Coral is one of the leading retail brands for UK gambling. They also operate in other countries across Europe.
Retails were able to bring in an extra four percent in profit compared to last year. The extra profit that was earned by the online betting firm was eleven million Euros. This shows that Gala Coral still remains as one of the biggest competitors in the United Kingdom gambling market.

The CEO for the Gala Coral Group Carl Leaver commented on the performance on his company saying, “The company has one goal every single year. That one goal is to continue to provide our punters with an astonishing experience and we do this in hopes that we can bring in more profit and become the number one betting firm across all of Europe. Over the last two years we have made a series of investments that have allowed for us to grow as a gambling product. We only hope that 2014 will be as good if not better than 2013 and 2012.”

He continued on by saying, “This massive growth that we have had demonstrates that we can achieve anything we want to as long as we put our minds to it. We are now one of the leading brands in the market and we are honored that UK online punter prefer to play with us over anyone else.”


Recently created online poker group the “Equity Poker Network” reported that they successfully took down a series of players on their poker network who were committing acts of fraud on other players registered with the Equity Poker Network. They confiscated the money that was stolen from the accounts of the players who committed these acts of fraud and then repaid the players who had the money stolen from them.

The announcement was revealed last week. The poker network took it upon themselves to bust the ring of fraud players. The network received this information after they received a series of complaints about deposits not going through into their player bankrolls. Those who were responsible for committing these acts of fraud has their player accounts closed and had their accounts balances seized.

The online punters who were victims of this crime were tracked down by the “Equity Poker Network” and then had their accounts refunded with the exact same amount. Those who committed this crime have had their information sent to various poker networks in order to stop them from committing future fraud crimes.

Equity released a statement regarding the issue on their website saying, “EPN will always do what is best for our players, we want to ensure our players affected by this recent issue that they will be refunded in their full amount very soon. We cannot thank you enough for being patient with us during this difficult time and we will be back to normal operation in a short period of time.”


Various reports have been made out of the United States that claim that their country’s Department of Justice is considering allowing various online offshore betting firms with Executives that have priors to start up operations within the states that have legal online gambling by paying a large fine to the federal government.

The Department of Justice would allow any online betting companies who offered illegal gambling activities to operate within their country by paying out stiff fines in corporate pleas. This policy change would result in a variety of future issues with online gambling in the USA. US Citizens who gamble online would be at risk of their money being laundered or their information being stolen. The Department of Justice has not made any official statement towards the rumors, clearly trying to hide any involvement they might have with these rumors.

If these rumors do happen to be true online gambling firms such as PokerStars or Bodog will be able to re-enter the online gambling market within the USA. Currently both of these online betting firms have been denied access to operate in the USA due to their previous involvement with illegal activities. Calvin Ayre, the founder of Bodog is on American’s most wanted list and through this new law he could pay his way back into the USA.

PokerStars has continued to try to enter the US Online Gambling market but has continued to be thwarted out of operation due to their involvement with money laundering and more.

Online Casino Gambling Firm “The Rank Group” announced that they are releasing two new mobile Cozy Games video slot machines on their mobile software. This isn’t a surprise as the rank group has used the Cozy Games software for more than five years now. The release of these two new mobile games will extend the relationship between the two online gambling firms.

Cozy Games is a long time veteran within the online gambling market. They have created casino games for more than a decade now and their casino games only continue to become better over time.

There are two new games that are making their way to the rank groups casino brands. These two games include “Queens of Legends” and “Rubies & Sapphires”. These two games have been progressively becoming more popular with each passing week, showing that Cozy Games still has what it takes to be one of the best software developers within the market. You will find these two mobile games at GrosvenorCasinos.Com and MeccaGames.Com.

The Director of Mobile Operations for “The Rank Group” Simon Woolf commented on the new release saying, “We are happy that we get to continue to extend our working relationship with Cozy Games. Their latest HTML5 video slots are some of the best that we have ever seen from the software developer. Their games continue to become more visually appealing and exciting, allowing for them to be a thrilling addition to our portfolio of casino games. We just hope that our players love it as much as we do.”

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