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Canadian’s have created sports and games that have revolutionized the world. It was a Canadian who first created Basketball, a sport that is now played by millions of people all around the globe. Canada is also known for their online gambling software developers and today Amaya Gaming, a developer operating within Canada announced their latest creation “The Zombies”.

The Zombies is a new slot that takes on a cartoonish approach to the Zombie Apocalypse.
The Zombies has been developed as a 5 reel, 50 payline slot. This game is designed around a family who have all been turned into horrific cartoonish zombies. While playing this slot you come across various features which allows for you to earn larger winning combinations. You can look forward to features such as wilds, pick a spin and free spins. There has also been two new features created for this slot which is called Power Play and Easy Play. Power Play allows for you to spin the reels double their normal speed and Easy Play allows for the reels to be slowed down by double their speed.

Amaya Gaming’s Head of Casino Operations, Andre Nylander stated the following about their new slot saying, “We have been looking forward to unveiling The Zombies to our core fans. We knew that when we released this slot it would gain a lot of attention due to its zombie apocalypse theme with a cartoonish element added in for fun. This has allowed for The Zombies to become popular amongst males and females, it can appeal to anyone and that’s the best thing about The Zombies.”

Playtech isn’t your average software developer. They have been able to make a name for themselves that brings fear into the hearts of other software developers operating within the same field. Playtech is known for their outstanding games and software. Everybody’s Jackpot is one of Playtech’s most beloved slots as it provides punters with life changing wins on a monthly basis. Football Carnival now stands as the latest slot to be released by Playtech and Playtech hopes that they’ll be able to create the same experience that Everybody’s Jackpot offers through Football Carnival.

Football Carnival has been designed as a 5 reel, 50 payline European Football themed slot machine. Various elements known from world soccer appears in this video slot. Brazil is the main country that appears in Football Carnival which isn’t surprising as the 2014 Fifa World Cup is being held in Brazil. There are many things Brazilian related in the game such as their Flag, Footballs and Fans. This helps make punters feel as if their a part of the World Cup. Background wise you notice a world stadium, this world stadium designed to resemble the one that has been built within Brazil. Punters can expect free spins, wilds symbols, win multipliers and a bonus round for game features. Each feature has been designed for you to win a greater amount of money.

You have to play at a Playtech based online casino in order to play Football Carnival. Profitable wins await anyone who spins the reels on this slot.

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