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Last year Net Entertainment released “Mega Fortune Dreams”, a sequel to their highly popular progressive based video slot “Mega Fortune”. Net Entertainment did this in hopes that they could double their fans winning opportunities and continue to provide them with countless winning opportunities. One fortunate punter got a hold of one of those winning opportunities and triggered a jackpot worth €2,729,041 which playing Mega Fortune Dreams.

This isn’t the largest win to ever be won through this video slot but it is none the less a win that’ll change their lives as whoever won this progressive just became an instant millionaire. Net Entertainment has yet to make a press release regarding who won this progressive, where this jackpot was triggered and what the winning punter will plan to do with their new found riches.

Between Mega Fortune Dreams and Mega Fortune, there have been dozens upon dozens of punters who have triggered life changing progressives. Mega Fortune actually holds the record for largest online jackpot ever won, the winning punter was able to win more than eleven million euro’s.

You could be lucky enough to land on one of these progressive jackpots, all that is required of you is to sign up with an online casino that provides players with the Net Entertainment platform and deposit a certain amount of money into your player account. After you’ve completed these two steps you will be able to experience both of the Mega Fortune titles and whatever other slot you wish to experience under the Net Ent Platform.

Full Tilt Poker has revealed an announcement that is sure to make the rebranding of Full Tilt Poker that much easier. Amaya Gaming, the new owners of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars revealed that they’ve entered a deal with Quickspin Games. This deal will have each one of the video slots designed from Quickspin Games loaded onto Full Tilt’s repertoire of casino games. Quickspin Games is the subsidiary developer of Microgaming, one of the most famed developers in the online gambling market.

Quickspin Games isn’t the first video slot developer to be loaded onto Full Tilt Poker. Net Entertainment and Leander Games have also been loaded to Full Tilt Poker, allowing for punters to choose from an array of different casino games. Amaya Gaming purchased PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker for a total of $4.9 Billion, this transition of video slot developers has never been seen on FTP. The reason for this transition is because Amaya Gaming wants to turn FTP to an online casino instead of an online poker room. Operating as an online casino would allow for them to receive more punters and thus by make more money throughout the years, giving them a better chance to earn money on their investment.

We will continue to update you on any more dealings that Amaya Gaming makes in this transition of an poker room to an online casino. Amaya Gaming is considered to be the number one software developer located in Canada, they know what it takes to make an incredible gambling experience and you can be ensured that they’ll make an incredible experience for Full Tilt Gaming.


Dead Island 2 Announced

Zombie fans from all around the world are about to get two new open world Zombie experiences with “Dead Island 2” and “Dying Light”. We’ve known about Dying Light for the last year but it was only revealed at this year’s 2014 Gamescon that Dead Island 2 would be releasing this year. As of right now there are two different Dead Island titles for gamers to enjoy. Those titles being “Dead Island 1” and “Dead Island: Riptide”. Both of these Dead Islands took place in Hawaii and it now seems that with Dead Island 2 the franchise will be moving to the main land, taking the franchise to California.

You will now be able to experience zombie gameplay in the streets of California which has never been done in a video game. New weapons, new visuals, new gameplay elements and more have already appeared in the trailer. Those lucky enough to get a taste of this new video game have said that it is the best zombie survival horror game to ever be developer, that is defeats Dying Light in every single way. It should be noted that Dying Light is being made by another developer but resembles Dead Island in almost every single manner. The only problem with a rip off video game is that the original developers always know how to do it best.

Dead Island 2 is slated for release in December, 2014 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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