There are two different types of roulette you can play on land based casino and online based casinos. There is different between the two versions of Roulette. The article you are ready now will explain the differences between the two.

The first you must know when you’re playing either American Roulette or European Roulette is the different between the two wheels and the games themselves. The basic premise of roulette is which way the wheel is turning and where it stops, that is basically what you need to know and that isn’t all that hard to understand.

The regular size of a roulette wheel is 24 inches. An American Roulette wheel has 37 numbers in it; the numbers go through 1 to 36 with a zero and a double zero. On the American Roulette wheel the zero and double zero is indentified by the color green. The European Roulette wheel counterpart goes through the number 1 to 36 with only one single zero on the wheel. Just as the American wheel the European wheel indentifies its single zero by the color green. All the other numbers are alternated in black and white, the same being with the European Roulette Wheel as well.

You will quickly find out that the American Roulette has a better house edge over its European counterpart. The house edge for an American roulette game is 5.27% while for European Roulette it is only 2.6%. This means that it is extremely better to play a European Roulette game over an American Roulette game as your chances for winning are greatly improved. That is a very simple strategy to take in and do; the majority of online casinos that offer Roulette have both versions of Roulette for the players to choose from.

To play the game of roulette is actually very simple, all you have to do is select a number that you feel is good on the roulette board and hope that roulette will land on it. Than all you have to do wait and hope that your bet was the right bet to make. After the roulette ball has come to a stop if roulette has landed on your number of choice along with anyone else who landed on that number will win the amount that is equal to the wager they had bet. You can also place bets on two numbers, four numbers on either red or black or wager in a number of other various ways in the game of Roulette. It is smart and good for your bankroll if you make side bets because you can make more money by doing this.

By doing all of this you are able to even out the odds and gain smaller wins at the same time. If you wager small bets on many numbers you will get a return a win of 8-1 but if you don’t make side bets and just only make one you have an 36 to 1 chance of hitting you’re chosen number and winning a larger amount. The odds are not so much in your favor though which is why if you make small bets you have better odds to win and you can win more times, it evens it all out.