A United Kingdom based newspaper “The Sun” has reported that this month a deal was made where they signed a contract for a White Label Sportsbetting Agreement with BetVictor, an online casino operator famous in the online gambling market. This agreement will allow for The Sun to have a Sportsbook branded in their name.

This isn’t the first time that the popular tabloid has entered a betting agreement such as this one. In the past The Sun has entered betting agreement with Gamesys and LeoVegas, they worked alongside Gamesys to bring their own personal slot machine to the market. This new deal also allows for them to become the main competition for their fellow rival “The Guardian”, another newspaper operated in the United Kingdom. The Sun hopes to take over a large portion of the business that The Guardian has gained over time.

The Sun will do this by offering unique and profitable promotions to players of BetVictor. They will promote these promotions through their newspaper, online website and through various other methods. The Sun will do this in hopes that they will succeed at their goals of taking over the market.

The Sun made a statement towards this white label agreement, saying: “We have always been a supporter of online gambling, we believe it is the future that will eventually whip out the majority of land based gambling. We look forward to working alongside BetVictor in order to create a Sportsbook that cannot be matched by our rivals The Guardian, we will offer a service that is beyond high quality.”