The Bulgarian State Commission for Land/Online based gambling announced that they’ve added two more online casinos to their blacklisted casino list. The two casinos to be blacklisted include and RedBet, any of RedBet’s other gambling related websites have also been blacklisted in the process.

The State Commission has been blacklisting a wide array of online gambling websites since early 2013. There are dozens upon dozens of websites that have been blocked, the reason for this is so that Bulgaria can become one of the safest online gambling markets within the European Union. RedBet Gaming had two of their other gambling sites blacklisted after it was found to be operating without a license in Bulgaria, Those included, WhiteBet and HeyPoker, which have been added to the list of blacklisted sites.

Bulgaria was reluctant to make a statement regarding as to why these online gambling casinos have been blacklisted but did state, “We have spent the last two years working towards accomplishing one goal. We have wanted to provide our citizens with a legal and regulated online gambling market, as we continue to blacklist the websites that threaten that goal we take one step closer to accomplishing our goals. We can only hope that by the end of 2014 we will have accomplished this goal to the tee. This in return will ensure that everyone who gambles online in Bulgaria will be safe and will play with regulated casinos to ensure that safety.