Various reports have been made out of the United States that claim that their country’s Department of Justice is considering allowing various online offshore betting firms with Executives that have priors to start up operations within the states that have legal online gambling by paying a large fine to the federal government.

The Department of Justice would allow any online betting companies who offered illegal gambling activities to operate within their country by paying out stiff fines in corporate pleas. This policy change would result in a variety of future issues with online gambling in the USA. US Citizens who gamble online would be at risk of their money being laundered or their information being stolen. The Department of Justice has not made any official statement towards the rumors, clearly trying to hide any involvement they might have with these rumors.

If these rumors do happen to be true online gambling firms such as PokerStars or Bodog will be able to re-enter the online gambling market within the USA. Currently both of these online betting firms have been denied access to operate in the USA due to their previous involvement with illegal activities. Calvin Ayre, the founder of Bodog is on American’s most wanted list and through this new law he could pay his way back into the USA.

PokerStars has continued to try to enter the US Online Gambling market but has continued to be thwarted out of operation due to their involvement with money laundering and more.