Recently created online poker group the “Equity Poker Network” reported that they successfully took down a series of players on their poker network who were committing acts of fraud on other players registered with the Equity Poker Network. They confiscated the money that was stolen from the accounts of the players who committed these acts of fraud and then repaid the players who had the money stolen from them.

The announcement was revealed last week. The poker network took it upon themselves to bust the ring of fraud players. The network received this information after they received a series of complaints about deposits not going through into their player bankrolls. Those who were responsible for committing these acts of fraud has their player accounts closed and had their accounts balances seized.

The online punters who were victims of this crime were tracked down by the “Equity Poker Network” and then had their accounts refunded with the exact same amount. Those who committed this crime have had their information sent to various poker networks in order to stop them from committing future fraud crimes.

Equity released a statement regarding the issue on their website saying, “EPN will always do what is best for our players, we want to ensure our players affected by this recent issue that they will be refunded in their full amount very soon. We cannot thank you enough for being patient with us during this difficult time and we will be back to normal operation in a short period of time.”