IGT has now released its second quarter results for the year 2013. The report shows growth in a number of key areas. This period ending on the 31st of March, 2013

IGT reported that revenues for the quarter came in at $600.1 million. This is an increase of 11% for the same time last year. The North American market accounted for 25.1% of that total. Dividends were paid in the amount of $0.35 per share for this quarter, which is a 33% increase over the last quarter.

There was an adjusted operational income of $163.9 million. This accounted for a 12.9% increase. The report also reported that gross margins were up 1%, which was 61.9% for the year. IGT’s interactive online gaming saw revenues increase dramatically by 93.9% to $66.8 million.

The report was positive overall and it is expected that IGT will continue on this trend for the next several quarter at a minimum.