The Italian Government has set the stage for what is about to become one of the largest gambling markets in the world. Today the Italian Government revealed that they plan to hand out a total of 120 new gambling licenses in 2015. Those whom wish to try to gain one of these licenses will first and foremost be sent to the Italian Gaming Regulator in order to ensure that the operator is honorable enough to operate within Italy.

Apparently all previous gambling licenses within Italy will expire midway through 2016. This gesture is so that the few previous operators in Italy can regain a new license and it’s so that new operators make their way to Italy. This could allow for hundreds to thousands of jobs to be created, it’ll bring new infrastructure to the country and please those citizens which have requested a larger online gambling market for years.

There is a pricing structure that has also been released for those operators wishing to gain a license. In order to gain a new gambling licence it’ll cost operators €200,000. That figure has been placed for online based gambling. Betting shops located in cities across Italy will be able to renew their licenses for €32,000 and a total of 10,000 new licenses will be released for betting shops in 2016, bringing more business to Italy as well.

Automated Betting Corners currently operating & new ones wishing to gain license will be able to do so for €18,000. A total of five thousand new licenses will be released as well.