The Last of Us Remastered is a new version of the famed Playstation 3 exclusive “The Last of Us”. Taking you on a journey through a devastated United States of America you find yourself consumed by Ellie and Joel, the two main characters you play as during gameplay. You find yourself fighting off against a plague that can kill Joel but not Ellie for she has a cure that could save the entire world, throughout their journey emotional scenes grasp you by the heart and make you want more from The Last of Us Universe. When fans called for more of this game Naughty Dog developed a DLC for The Last of Us which was a prequel to the original story, showcasing Ellie and her friend Riley taking on the world.

Recently Naughty Dog revealed that they are once again answering to the calls of their loyal fans and creating new DLC for The Last of Us. This new downloadable content will be made available through the Playstation 4 Remastered version of The Last of Us which will boost new visuals and some new gameplay elements. The new DLC has yet to be detailed by Naughty Dog, whatever it might be you can expect an exciting Hollywood quality story that will grasp your heart in more ways than one.

We will continue to update you on what these downloadable content packages might be about. If you’ve yet to play The Last of Us you can do so by purchasing the game at your local electronic store for the Playstation 3.