Sony Entertainment, one of the world largest entertainment companies spoke to reporters at a press conference at XCOM Expo saying that their unsure about the future of the Playstation Vita. The fact of the matter is that the Playstation Vita has the power of the Playstation 3 but due to the lack of developers taking on the handheld it hasn’t been able to gain a mass amount of popularity. Developers haven’t created incredible gaming experience for gamers, the only good games on the Playstation Vita is Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Call of Duty Black Ops.

Sony publicized earlier on in the year that they wouldn’t be making any more first party games for the Playstation Vita. These means that they wouldn’t be making any more games for their handheld and that they would only allow for other developers to purchase the software, create the games and publish them. Essentially Sony has given up on the Playstation Vita as it hasn’t been able to sell a mass amount of money.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the industry as the Playstation 4 has been able to boast in an incredible amount of money for Sony. Their main focus right now is making the Playstation 4 more popular than the Playstation 3, Xbox One or Xbox 360. As of right now they are doing an incredible job doing this as the Playstation 4 is the fastest selling new console in history. Analysts believe that Sony owns that generation of consoles.