A few South Korean Celebrities have admitted to the charges that they were a part of an illegal online gambling ring earlier on in the year. These celebrities have been sentenced to pay small fines for their actions.

The two defendants in this case that plead guilty were celebrities, a comedian by the name of Yang Sehyung and a singer in a boy band named Shinhwa. The singer from the boy band triggered a 44 million won forty jackpot while Yang Sehyung was lucky enough to win 26 Million won.  

Yang Sehyung was sentenced to pay a 3 Million won fine, won being the name of the South Korean currency while Shinhwa had to pay a 5 million dollar won fine.

There were other celebrities who were also charged with being a part of this illegal online gambling ring. These celebrities are fighting their cases though in hopes that they won’t be charged or have to pay a fine. Many countries of late have begun to clamp down on illegal gaming activities as they pursue revenue through online gaming and land based gaming operations.

How much of an impact these arrests will have had on illegal gaming operations in South Korea is yet to be determined but it is suecpected to have little to no impact.