A lot of people believe that video poke is a money grabbing machine created to make some quick money for whoever owns the website. This is so far from what is actually true, In a lot of cases most of the video poker machines such as ten or better video poker use long term payouts of a greater than one hundred percent. Not many games will have that type of percentages available to the player other than blackjack because of the obvious card counting that happens.

If you prefer to play alone because you find you can concentrate better and have a better game than you would with other people than video poker is absolutely the perfect game available pie. Due to the low house and amazing jackpots that’ll be available to you. One of the best features available to the game is that you control just how the game moves in pace. You don’t have to rush yourself on every move you make, you can take your time and learn the game the best you can. When you reach a good level of playing you can pick up the speed of how you play game.

Many people will call video poker just another slot machine but this is not the case there are two differences in the games. Video poker involves skill to be able to win the big money while slot machines is just a matter if your going to get lucky or not. The second thing is that you can always tell what the pay percentages are with video poker while slot machines are just a shot in the dark.

Video poker has a game called Tens or better video poker that is played with a deck of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled up before every deal is made and so this means that the game is much wilder.

Your wagers can be increased or decreased by using the plus or minus controls giving to you in the game. Whichever level of coin you are using by clicking bet one you put a one unit times on the coin size, if you where to bet the maximum than you would be betting the maximum bet available for that coin and game.

There’ll be a deal button in the game and when you click it you will be dealt five cards. If there is an autohold option available for the game you are playing than the systems software will hold certain cards that you were dealt due to an optimal play strategy. If you were to choose manually you’d be the one to choose which cards you want to hold and which cards don’t want to hold. When you click draw it’ll bring an end to the hand and give you new cards to play with.

If you win the hand you will be given the option of “Doubling” which is an excellent feature that is offered on Tens or better poker. There’ll be five cards that show up on the screen, one will be face up while the other four our facing down. You will choose one card from the ones facing down and if it is a higher number than the dealers you have won.