There are many slots that can be played online and in fact recent numbers estimate that number to exceed 6300 slot games and counting. This is due to the fact that there are multiple software companies that have entered the world of online gambling with each creating hundreds of slots games for their respective software. When online gambling first began its existence there were only a handful of companies supplying online casino games and software. The main ones were Playtech, Microgaming, RealTime Gaming and Cryptologic. Since those days that number has swelled to more than 200 companies who are all trying to develop the best online slot games and release the next blockbuster video slot.

It cannot be disputed that online slots are the most popular game found in a casino. This includes online and land based casinos. They account for more than 72% of a casinos revenue and are the backbone of their success. It is for this reason that game developers work continuously to develop new games and the software companies work towards developing lucrative partnerships for branded slots. Those who play online slots tend to do so for a number of different reasons. There are those who play strictly for the entertainment value slots tend to offer. Slots are colorful, packed with exciting sounds and are east to play – no rocket science needed to spin the reels. Other play as a way to escape the mundane life of work and family obligations as it gives them an escape with the chance of winning a nice amount of money and maybe even a progressive win that will see them retire.

As online casinos began to grow in popularity people who use to only play in a regular casino started to play online. They learned in a short amount of time that online slots paid better than the slots they were accustomed to playing. This understanding began to spread like wild fire and the world of online gambling became a cemented industry that now employs tens of thousands of people and is estimated to be worth more than $6 billion yearly. The result of this has only benefited the player who loves slots as it meant more game selection, bigger and better payouts and of course, bigger and better slot games.

There are other types of games that are popular in an online casino. The most common of those are the video poker games and table games that are found. However they fail in comparison to the popularity of slots. Progressive slots are another popular form of slot to play. Online casinos all offer multiple progressive jackpot slots with many offering jackpots that exceed $1 million. Recently Net Entertainment saw one of its progressive jackpots set an online record with a jackpot that was won at 17.8 million euros! Another recent progressive jackpot that was won was the Microgaming Mega Moolaa Progressive. This triggered at $5.89 million and added to the $375 million this software giant has awarded to date in jackpot winnings.

When you consider this amount of money available to be won it is pretty easy to see why so many people turn to online slots as the source of entertainment that they seek. Quality, game selection, superb software equals everything you need for a great time playing the slots.