One of the biggest internet software developers within the industry is World Match and they just announced their latest video slot game which is more directed towards the CSI style game, this slot game is called Crime Records.

Crime Records is more than a visually impressive slot game. It provides the players with next generation graphics that cannot be beat, the sound performance is of the highest quality and the gameplay is extremely fun. You will notice that this five reel slot game comes with a wild symbol, free spins bonus, spins stop, auto pay features and fast play features as well. Towards the theme you will see a variety of crimes that you will have to solve, making the theme very realistic.

Crime Records was designed specifically for the players who have unique tastes in the type of video slot game they player. There is actually several different versions of Crime Records so that is may appeal to every single type of player within the industry. The game is available now and you should start playing it today.